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Parsican Wines was founded by two friends who are passionate about French wines and their terroirs.
They created a team dedicated to sourcing the best French wines for their export partners.


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Clément is an expert in French wine sourcing and will bring you the best value wines for your market needs.

He has a Sommelier Diploma and is a master in professional wine tasting. 

He acquired wine knowledge through many experiences working as a Sommelier/Winemaker/Wine Merchant/Cellar Man.

After his Master’s degree at the European Business School in Paris, Madrid and Bangkok, Clément gained knowledge in international trade negotiation, business and network development by working at L’Oréal and TBWA and as a trader in bulk shipping.


Clément graduated in Wine Consulting and Oenology from Université du Vin (Suze la Rousse) and worked as a winemaker assistant in Mendoza and Paso Robles.

In 2017, he founded his own company Gouttes & Terroirs which provides wine consulting for distributors all over the globe.


His activities revolve around oenology, logistics and  winery sourcing.

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Louis is an expert in import/export and will provide quality assistance by organizing various wine selections wines for your market

He has a passion for marketing and will be pleased to assist you in your wine project i.e. creating your own brand, Public Relations...

Don't hesitate to contact Louis if you need any assistance in realizing your best wine project.

After his Master’s degree at the European Business School of Paris, and academical experience in New York, Shanghai and Madrid, Louis gained experience in business development and networking  in several companies such as Yahoo and L’Oréal before founding Parsican.

His activities are mainly in the consulting field and import/export.

He decided to unite his strength with Clément on the wine and spirits business.

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